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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a widely sought-after treatment that aims to enhance the brightness and allure of one’s smile. The process involves bleaching to effectively whiten teeth that are stained, discolored, or lacking radiance. Whether it’s to revitalize a dull smile or eliminate unsightly stains, tooth whitening presents a secure and relatively pain-free option suitable for the majority of individuals.

New Whitening Emulsions By Crest

The latest in the whitening world is whitening emulsions. The emulsion is wiped on the teeth with the included applicator or simply a finger tip. Emulsions easily spread into a micro layer of active hydrogen peroxide droplets so thin you can’t feel it. These droplets stay on the tooth better than gels. Included in the office exclusive kit is an LED light that increases effectiveness by 20% when used for the last 5 minutes of the 30 minute bleach time. Our staff, doctors and patients report NO sensitivity with this great product.

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Teeth Whitening Fairmont MN
laser teeth whitening

Yes, this is actually a thing. But let’s bust a quick myth here: the only laser teeth whitening light that actually works are those UV lights that are offered at your dentist. Anything else is a phony.

With this method, a whitening agent is applied directly to your teeth. A blue LED light is then held over them to increase the penetration of the agent and accelerate the results. These in-office procedures can dramatically speed-up the whitening process. But again, only in-office LED lights are approved by the FDA and may only be operated by registered dentists. All others are ineffective, illegal, and likely unsafe.

One further item to note here is that in-office laser whitening is not an option for those with sensitive teeth.


teeth whitening tray
with tray

Teeth whitening or teeth bleaching trays are becoming more popular and now fill the counters of major drug store chains. These teeth whitening kits help users achieve a brighter smile in a similar fashion to whitening strips.

Over-the-counter teeth whitening trays are usually made of a flexible material that molds to your teeth. This mold allows for whitening on the surface as well as in between your teeth.

While over-the-counter kits can be effective and produce great results, people often have better luck when they get whitening trays from their dentist. A dentist can create a custom-made mold that is specifically fitted for your mouth. The tray will fit over your teeth perfectly which helps whiten your teeth better as well as produce even results.

teeth whitening resin

Some stains are resistant to whitening, including:

  • Darkened dentin from trauma
  • Stains from certain antibiotics
  • Discoloration from overexposure to fluoride

In other cases, your teeth may simply be prone to stains because you have small chips or cracks in the enamel.

In this case, teeth bleaching may not be enough, but dental bonding can be used to hide any stain. With dental bonding, a special composite resin is placed on the desired teeth, and the dentist shapes the resin to look like the front of a natural tooth. Results are fast, and the resin is tooth-colored, but it may not have the same properties as natural tooth tissue.


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