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Dental Veneers Fairmont MN
Veneers are a dental procedure in which a covering is placed over the outside of the tooth. Veneers…
Same-Day Crowns Fairmont MN
Same-Day Crowns
CEREC is an acronym for CEramic REConstruction, using CAD/CAM technology.
Crown Dentist Fairmont MN
Crowns and bridges
Crowns and bridges are used to restore and enhance teeth that are damaged or to take the place…
Invisalign Fairmont MN
This consists of a series of clear snap on, custom designed, removable trays called aligners….
Laser Dentistry Fairmont MN
Laser Dentistry
Laser dentistry is a great advancement in dental technology, treating a wide range of dental…
Intraoral Camera
Intraoral Camera
We use small cameras about the size of a pen, called intraoral cameras, to help clearly….
Digital X-Ray
Digital X-ray
X-rays are created by using a focused beam of X-ray photons that pass through bone….
Dental Fillings Fairmont MN
Sometimes cavities can happen. A filling can help restore a tooth damaged by decay back…
Dental Implants Fairmont MN
Dental Implants
A full size dental implant is 3mm in diameter and is an ideal tooth restoration for people…
Dental Cleaning Fairmont MN
Dental Cleaning
The most important factor in maintaining dental health is stable healthy gums…
Sleep Apnea Treatment Fairmont MN
Sleep Apnea
Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder in which breathing periodically starts and stops during the night…
Dentures Fairmont MN
A denture is a removable replacement for missing teeth and surrounding tissues…
Tooth Extractions Fairmont MN
Tooth Extractions
Good oral hygiene should always be practiced since the loss of a single tooth can have…
Orthodontics Fairmont MN
Orthodontics is the art and science of using appliances to straighten and align teeth….
Tooth Whitening Fairmont MN
Tooth whitening is a popular procedure to make teeth whiter and brighter, and therefore…
Endodontics Fairmont MN
Root canal treatment (also referred to as root canal therapy or endodontic therapy) is…
Mouth Guards Fairmont MN
Mouth Guards
Athletic mouthguards, made of flexible molded plastics are recommended to protect the jaw…
Paperless Charting
Paperless Charting
Our office’s computer system has digital charting. This means all X-rays and charting are…
Automated Reminders
Automated Reminders
We still like to use personal phone calls as our main communications and appointment…
Digital Imaging
Digital Imaging
We use digital imaging software in our office, which allows us to take a digital picture…
Electronic Claims
Electronic Claims
Our office utilizes electronic claims processing. This means that rather than sending…
Post OP Instructions
Post OP Instructions
The first goal after an extraction is to form a blood clot at the site. Usually a moist gauze…
Patient Education
Patient Education
We believe in no pressure, well informed dental care decisions. Many people simply want to…
3D Cone Beam X-Ray
3D Cone Beam X-Ray
We aim to provide the best, most accurate and most thorough diagnosis possible.

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