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Root Canals


What is a Root Canal?

Root canal treatment is a fast endodontics procedure that alleviates tooth pain and saves natural teeth. These common dental services can prevent needing dental bridges or implants later. Birch Street Dentistry proudly serves Blue Earth, Martin County, Sherburn, Welcome, Fairmont, and Truman, MN, with effective root canal therapy to ease pain and restore your dental health.

Root Canal Treatment Fairmont MN
Root Canal Fairmont MN
Root Canal Therapy Fairmont MN
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Identifying Symptoms and Treatment Needs

Root Canal Diagnosis

Your tooth contains a collection of blood vessels within the pulp. The tooth’s pulp can become infected for various reasons, including chips, cracks, decay, trauma, and numerous dental treatments. When the pulp is weakened, your tooth is more susceptible to severe damage. Root canal treatment is often advised if you notice these symptoms:

  • Temperature sensitivity
  • Swelling or visible injury
  • Painful tooth or gums

Root Canal Treatment

If you exhibit any of these symptoms, we may recommend root canal therapy. During your treatment, our endodontics specialist will remove the damaged pulp, thoroughly clean the area, and seal it. Local anesthesia is typically administered for the treatment. Following completion, you can safely drive home and resume your regular activities without any downtime.

Root Canals

How Affordable is this treatment?

At Birch Street Dentistry, our endodontic professionals strive to keep our root canal therapy affordable for patients in Blue Earth, Martin County, Sherburn, Welcome, Fairmont, and Truman, MN. Your final cost depends on the affected tooth’s location and the extent of the damage. However, root canal treatment is generally less expensive than paying for more extensive repairs later. Failing to fix a damaged tooth will lead to extraction and needing dental implants or other tooth replacement options.

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