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When multiple teeth are missing, often the best solution is a removable partial denture that fills all spaces with one appliance. Partials replace your missing teeth and are supported by your teeth when chewing and kept stable by clasps around your teeth.

If no teeth remain, we often recommend a complete denture. Implants can often be placed under your existing denture or partial denture if more stability is needed.

The state-of-the-art technology for a lower denture is called an overdenture since it snaps onto either 2 full-size implants or 4 mini implants for patients with less bone width.

Dentures Fairmont MN
Complete Dentures Fairmont MN
Complete Dentures

This restoration method is used to restore your smile and mouth function if all your teeth have been lost. The dentures are custom created to resemble natural teeth and are positioned into a patients mouth to take the place of where the natural teeth used to be. 

Complete dentures are removable and may require adjustments in order to create a proper fit with the gums and mouth. 

Lower dentures have little “suction” so a mini implant supported lower is now the standard of care.

Partial Dentures

A removable partial denture is a device used when one or more natural teeth still remain in the upper or lower jaw. They usually consist of replacement teeth attached to a gum-colored plastic base which is held in place in the mouth by teeth or teeth and implants. A fixed partial denture (bridge) acts the same as a removable denture, but it is cemented into place using the adjacent teeth for support. This fills the space created by missing teeth, as well as creates a support for remaining teeth to prevent shifting.

New dentures may feel awkward or loose for the first few weeks until the muscles of your cheek and tongue learn to keep them in place and you are comfortable eating and speaking. This may require some practice, but soon you will adjust and enjoy the benefits that a full mouth of teeth can provide.

Partial Dentures Fairmont MN
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